Warm natural tones
with enveloping intensity

A unique colour display that lingers in the eyes of those fortunate enough to visit it: it is the Namib, one of the world's oldest deserts, the inspiration behind the new collection of surfaces that expands the Refin range by exploring for the first time enveloping shades and warm natural tones. And as in the most evocative landscapes, those in which the gaze is lost, the seemingly compact scenery gives way to a wealth of details and surprising dynamism that emerge at a closer look.
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Ceramiche Refin - Namib

New enveloping

Colours as warm as desert sand and shades as deep as earth make up a colour scale that can ignite feelings of comfort and warmth. To bring nature into your home.


The primordial colours of nature provide the cue for a material that is strikingly contemporary in its performance and aesthetics, and can add a touch of warmth and cosiness to minimalist and refined interiors.


A matter of

The surface is only apparently compact and reveals nuances and colour variations that sublimate the variety of nature. Movement and depth emerge thanks to the richness of detail and articulated grain aesthetics.


The new MATT-Pro finish combines aesthetic appeal and technological innovation: the renewed surface conveys a feeling of comfort and guarantees high slip resistance. The combination of beauty and functionality is also renewed through ease of cleaning.

Ceramiche Refin - Namib

Six shades of desert

The colour variety of nature translates into a colour palette ranging from the refined ivory of sand to the intense warmth of the dunes.

Ceramiche Refin - Namib
Ecru 60x60/24‘’x24’’ R Matt-Pro - 60x120/24’’x48’’ R Matt-Pro
Ceramiche Refin - Namib
Dune 120x120/48’’x48’’ R Matt-Pro
Ceramiche Refin - Namib
Earth 120x120/48’’x48’’ R Matt-Pro
Ceramiche Refin - Namib
Linen 120x120/48’’x48’’ R Matt-Pro J
Ceramiche Refin - Namib
Jasper 120x120/48’’x48’’ R Matt-Pro
Ceramiche Refin - Namib
Camel 120x120/48’’x48’’ R Matt-Pro

Decorations inspired by the Namib sky and earth



The 3-D decoration and deep light blue hue evoke the endless depth of a summer sky.



An undulating pattern that recalls the irregular morphology and colour variations of sand dunes, undisputed queens of a landscape that is never the same.



Abstraction is the protagonist of this geometric weave, which declines the earthy tones of the desert in a multiform pattern.


The Collection

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